Old Dogs, New Tricks

Training MythbustersYou may or may not have seen the programme, Mythbusters, where two people, Jamie and Adam, challenge and test whether myths are true or false.

Whilst this programme more entertainment than science, they did show that the old adage is false and you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Whether you are an old dog or an enthusiastic young pup, as individuals, we are often torn between the confidence that comes from operating within our comfort zone and the exhilaration of taking on a new challenge and succeeding!

But in any walk of life, there are few things more rewarding than encouraging and supporting those around you to take on new challenges and expand their skillset, and then seeing their elation and excitement when they do well.

So, how can you create a culture where opportunities for development are readily available.

1. Communicate Expectations – ensure individuals share in the understanding of why development is important and how they can contribute / influence their own progress.

2. Find Opportunities – look for vehicles and tools where knowledge and skills can be expanded. This is not about spending large budgets, especially when there is so much free training material available. Match the training costs to the potential benefit.Supportive 1

3. Assess & Support Progress – development is not a one-off task but each training experience needs to be seen as a step along the road to being a better contributor, so the more support and encouragement that can be offered, the better.

4. Keep Consistency – spread the benefit as wide as makes sense, so that all who want to have the opportunity to develop, and then plan additional development opportunities ahead so that team members can see the longer term value that is placed on their improving contribution.

5. Regular Review – clearly this is a mainstay of any education process, but in personal development terms, some tools may work and others may not, some skills may fit better than others with the individual, so always review to improve.

XPD Members and their staff can benefit from two FREE Workplace Workshop Days taking place on the 1st and 3rd of April to learn how to sell Facilities Management products more effectively.

Promotion image

Training Puppy

So, whether you are an old dog or an enthusiastic new puppy, we can help you to develop your knowledge for FREE!!

Contact XPD Head Office or Business Development Office for more details.

And don’t forget the Spicers Academy: http://www.spicersacademy.co.uk/


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